Relic seekers


Relic Seekers is one of two highly addictive casino games available on the online gaming portals. The graphics and animation of this flash game to make it a very attractive proposition for casual gamblers. Relic Seekers is a themed fantasy-adventure theme slot game that will definitely take the keen gambler on an exciting adventure through ancient Egypt, buried treasure sizzling with secrets. The game is set in Huangdi period and has been crafted by award winning designer Ion Tsakanis, who also co-created the equally successful Croccusus.

This multi-player online slots game promises to be truly addictive. The graphics are extremely well done. Every stage of this exciting game is set in a lively and vivid environment. This Egypt-based slot game promises to give you an experience like no other. The animation quality of this game makes it look really realistic. All the scenes and animations of this slot game are rendered with great care, so that players get the feel and the actual picture of a Cairo street, or even ancient hieroglyphics.

The multi-player action of Relic Seekers is really thrilling. The large, real-life casinos present in this game provide a perfect setting for close-up live interaction between players. The sound effects and the animation are extremely nice. The user interface, on the other hand, is fairly simple to understand and operate. Some minor graphical quirks mar the experience slightly, but other than that, the interface does not really deserve mention.

For those who would like to play this game using real money, there are a couple of options. The free version of this game allows you to play through a few short rounds without spending any coins or jewels. The free “practice” spins feature lets you select several machines and attempt to spin as many times as possible within the time allowed. This mode does not really offer any significant advantages over the real money version. It’s just here to take away the frustration of trying to hit the perfect combination and to allow you to familiarize yourself with the particularities of this slot machine.

As you progress through the game, you will start to discover hidden advantages, as well. For example, by using the keyboard shortcuts provided on screen, you can make the reels spin faster and more smoothly. You will find that the actual gameplay of this slot machine is quite varied. Some of the machines require precise mouse movements, while others require you to use the keyboard’s arrow keys and zeros more accurately. These factors, along with the various randomly generated machine patterns, add depth to the reels, which in turn, add to the overall challenge of this game.

Overall, Relic Seekers is a fun game. The realistic physics engine means that the actions of your character don’t appear unrealistic. Instead, they seem entirely natural and it’s easy to get addicted to playing through the free practice sessions. You will enjoy the wide variety of challenges you will face, even when playing with real money. When you consider how much this game costs in real money, it’s definitely a worthy download for any Xbox Live gaming member.

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